1. Shelved Studio Project #1 (Animated) - Writer/Director

Here is a selection of work from a shelved project I was writing/directing at a studio. I was asked to develop an animated fantasy film aimed at adults (age 18-30).


Two sworn enemies discover a newfound respect for each other when they’re forced to put their differences aside and work together against a common enemy.


Beat Boards & Story Moments

Production Designer: Leighton Hickman
Artists: Leighton Hickman, Jaime Jones, Seung Eun Kim, and Rembert Montald


Story Reel

I directed this section of story reel for internal pitch purposes. I was asked to showcase two scenes that explore the action, intensity, and acting of the film (with a target audience of 18-30 year olds).  This clip is from the 2nd Act of the story and has scratch dialogue and temp music.

Story Artists: Kevin Altieri, Seung Eun Kim, Dustin Wicke, and Eric Yamamoto
Editor: Jeremy Thompson
Sound Design: William McGuigan


Early Design Exploration

Production Designer: Leighton Hickman
Artists: Andrew Baker, Leighton Hickman, Jaime Jones, Rembert Montald, James Paick, and Leo Sanchez



1. Refuge (Short Film) - Writer/Director


The emotional tale of a mother and daughter struggling to survive in a devastated future when, unexpectedly, they’re caught in the crossfire of two giant machines of war. Terrifyingly outmatched, they search for refuge from the dance of death that surrounds them, and in their darkest hour, must find strength in one another as they fight for their lives.

Proof of Concept

Visual Development